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Marketing Shadow

The only constant about the business world is that it is always changing. Our job is to keep ahead of those changes and figure out how best to make those changes work for your business.

Navigating those changes and staying on top of what’s best for your business is time-consuming and can make you feel overwhelmed.

Our Shadow Service is like having someone watch over your shoulder to help and support your marketing, and is designed to provide you with the support and counsel you need for the short or long-term, while staying affordable for your small business budget.

Think of this service like the business hotline support to solve your marketing, social media and advertising queries.

We know what business can be like, so this service is available by day, evening and weekends - when you need it!

Whether you need troubleshooting or to make a call to get some advice, our ongoing shadow consulting services can be constructed on an hourly, project or monthly basis.

All consulting support includes scheduled phone calls, training and best practices, and of course, we’re happy to answer all your questions. We tailor our consulting services to each of our unique clients and their goals.

Call me on 0868162105 or email to organise an appointment.



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